Examples of Successful Autistic People

Ever since my referral for my autism diagnosis in 2018, I have been searching far and wide for some new role models. I was looking for some high-profile autistic personalities to look up to, people who had gone through similar struggles and sensory difficulties but still managed to do spectacular things. I would search through countless lists and usually end up finding a lot of historical figures believed to be autistic (or speculations regarding living people) rather than people with a confirmed diagnosis.

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Autism and History

I’ve been working on another document for some time, I’ve been hinting it on previous posts and now I feel like I’m ready to release it into the world.

Of course, I’m apprehensive. I found so many things wrong with the last one I made (my first piece, The Autistic Student) that I was desperate not to make the same mistakes. One main example being, this new one actually has a back page instead of ending abruptly and a table of contents. I made sure to spend a lot more time on this one making sure that it was ready – since this time round, I didn’t have a deadline! I’m well aware that there will still be some bits that I’ve missed, I haven’t been writing in an academic style for several months so bear with me as I get back into the swing of things!

I was inspired to make this one by my degree. I’ve just recently finished a 3 year course in History and Politics, I wanted to combine two of my special interests: History and finding out things about autism.

So, without further ado…

The Gendered Aspect to Autism

Gender and autism is a topic that has only really been discussed within the last few decades. For a significant amount of time autism has been portrayed as a ‘boy’s condition’. In 1944, Hans Asperger (not a positive figure in the autism community, I know and apologise) did not report about any girls in his original paper on autism. Despite this, a year beforehand Leo Kanner described three girls out of eleven children in his paper. From this, it is clear to see that girls have been historically underrepresented within the autism community.

This is generally due to a difference in how girls portray their traits. This piece will look into autism and how it impacts girls.

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The Autistic Student – WAAW 2020


This week (Monday 30th March – 5th April) is World Autism Awareness Week, with Autism Awareness Day taking place on the 2nd.

I originally had plans to make a ‘Day in the life of an Autistic Student’ video to put on Twitter, but due to recent guidelines on Social Distancing my face-to-face lectures stopped. So instead, I made ‘The Autistic Student’.

I was inspired after looking at zines, particularly one from the mental health charity YoungMinds about mental health on campus. I’ve wanted to make one of my own for a while and I’ve only recently found out how to do that.

SO without further ado… I present “The Autistic Student”

The Autistic Student

Autism Advice: Moving House

One thing that has been on my mind for the last few months is the unsettling thought that sooner rather than later, my parents will move out of the house that I have lived in for around 14/15 years.

As of writing this, I am having to process that this has already occurred and now I have to start the ever long process of changing all of my addresses and updating emails – all of that jazz. I wouldn’t describe it as tiresome, rather something that gets shoved to the back of your mind until you realise that something that has to be done!

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